Science Equipment For Schools

A range of different materials and equipments are available to help with science experiments and labs in UK schools. Contact us.


Non-hazardous Chemicals

Various chemicals are often provided which are deemed non hazardous and are denoted with the NR. These chemicals are available to all schools in the local London area.

Please note many busi

nesses only sell non-hazardous chemicals to educational establishments i.e. for use in school science lessons or for college or university chemistry experiments.

Lab equipment

Vacuum Viewports

Moores Glass supply vacuum viewports. These are seal optical components that are used for both visual and broad band energy transmission in vacuum products.

These specifications can be altered to according to different features, these include:

  • High temperature ratings

  • Connection fitting specification
  • Seal type
  • Vacuum leak percentages
  • Operating pressure
  • Transmission
  • Coatings (e.g. anti-reflection)


Boost Pump Water Purifier

These are built for both life science and analytical applications where small volumes of water are needed from a mains supply. Find out more.

This model shows system status, including water quality, temperature and flow rates – this means it can improve the validity of any experiment that is taking place. If the system is not being used, the quality of water is enhanced through recirculation.

Nanoheat Hotplate

These have been designed with efficient heating technology, with a 50 second warm up time. The plates are operated using an LED display screen, as well as having a touch screen. As this will be used around children, there is a safety lock feature that warns of high temperatures.

This model has numerous temperatures:

  • 180 degrees
  • 270 degrees
  • 360 degrees
  • 90 degrees

Safety Equipment

Labs will also have a range of safety equipment for the children. Quite often, the most popular is the Hazard storage cabinet that has been manufactured with mild steel and welded seams.  The doors that are fitted on are non-combustible that have a high melting point – perfect for those high temperatures that are reached in any lab. Buy today.

They come with warning labels on the door (required by law).