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We are committed to developing and promoting a set of core values, relevant to our mission to provide superior learning opportunities for students.

We have outstanding faculties bring to you a unique background of accomplishment and expertise. Our tutors are talented and dedicated individuals who are both attentive and committed to your learning experience.

Through their guidance, encouragement and strong support you will earn a qualification that will equip you to deal with a world that is full of unpredictable challenges and turn them into opportunities for your own personal growth and professional advancement.

Microbite offers a wide range of courses leading to professional qualifications, bespoke courses and degree programmes from reputed British Universities.

Our lecture rooms create the right environment for all students to gain maximum benefit from our tutors’ lectures. Our individual tutors are available via e-mail to assist students with any queries outside the classroom.

We are firmly committed to keeping our tuition fees well below those found at Universities and competing commercial tuition providers.

International students seek and expect value for money. Each student will be treated individually and, if financial difficulties do arise, requests to pay by instalments will be given fair consideration

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